What I Offer

Personal Websites

Whether you’re trying to reach a larger audience online, or just looking for a place to put down your thoughts, I can design the perfect environment for you! We can even add privacy options, to restrict who can see your content.

Business Websites

It doesn’t matter if you’re a brand-new start-up, or you’ve been established for many years. I can create an online experience for your employees or customers that makes your business pop! I can work with preexisting designs, or create something entirely new – whatever it is you need!

Custom Themes

Stand out from the crowd with themes created especially for you! Create the look and feel of your brand from the ground up, with every single pixel right where you want it.

Online Sales Functionality

Do you conduct business on the web? Would you like to start? With PayPal, or any online storefront you use already (such as Etsy), you can take your business to the next level, reaching more clients than ever before! With a stylish, purely custom layout and detailed product descriptions, you won’t believe just how good your products can look in an online store!

Blog Set-Up

If you’ve always wanted to get into the world of blogging, but don’t know how to start, let me help! I’m experienced in a wide range of blogging applications that are ideal for a variety of skill levels. Some of these services even offer free hosting! I can create and style your new blog, while coaching you how best to use it. Keep it simple, or get incredibly intricate – make it yours!

Social Media & Integration

Social media is a big world, and it can be very intimidating to a newcomer. How do you know which services will work best for your purposes? How do you get more followers? Perhaps most importantly, how can you link your accounts so that they’re most useful? Ask me! I’ll teach you all the ins and outs, and can even create a web page for you that functions as a simple hub for all your various accounts.

Image Editing

Tweak your logos and banners, or make your so-so photos stunning! Online, attractive images can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your viewers engaged.

Mobile Compatibility (Tablets & Smartphones)

A huge portion of web surfers are now doing so on devices other than computers, so you want to make sure what they’re seeing looks good too. I provide automatically compatible themes, or create separate environments for the mobile user and computer user.

Fundraising and Non-Profit Websites*

If you’re a non-profit organization, it’s all about getting the word out. The more people you reach, the more you can improve the world. However, with everything you do, it can be hard to find the time to manage your online presence. I want to help!


Using wishlists, you can crowd-source the materials for your project, accept charitable donations, or just ask the internet for a favor. Add items you find online to your Amazon.com wish list, and they will automatically show up on your website, where they can be purchased for you by users.

Blogger & WordPress Education

If you’re the type who wants to be really hands-on with your web presence, but you don’t know how, let me teach you! No matter your skill level, I can put everything in terms you will understand, and make you more than capable of handling the task at hand. I will always teach you how to use your site, so you can take the reins – but only if you want them!

Blogging and Editing

I also have an extensive educational background in English, creative writing, and business marketing. To ensure that your site appears professional, I make sure that there are no misspellings or grammatical errors in any text you send me for the site. If I am knowledgeable on the topic, I am also available to write articles and updates for your site.

Arrange a Consultation

*Non-Profit Organizations are eligible for discounts. Please inquire.